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We assist in removal of inaccurate information on your credit report such as



Bankruptcy is a legal process in which an individual or a business entity declares that they are unable to repay their outstanding debts to creditors. It is a court proceeding that can be initiated voluntarily by the debtor or involuntarily by the creditors.



Collections refer to the process by which a creditor or a debt collection agency attempts to recover unpaid debts from a debtor. It is a legal process that involves contacting the debtor, negotiating a repayment plan, and taking legal action to collect the debt if necessary.

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Repossession is a legal process in which a lender or creditor takes back property that was used as collateral for a loan when the borrower fails to make payments as agreed. The property that is repossessed can be anything that was used to secure the loan, such as a car, boat, or house.

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What Do My Clients Say?

Thank you so much because your education and guidance has allowed me to increase my credit score from 400 to 700 points so I have my new home and everyone here enjoys it. Also, I now have a new car and a $10,000 credit card.
Yeison Montalbo
I am happy to recommend Discover Credit Repair. They are patient and professional answering every question they inform you about every step of the credit repair process. My credit score started at 496 and we kept going up to 715 until we reached our goal.
Adalberto Méndez
Thank God I have finished signing the papers for my new house, thanks to Ángel and Karina, they did a tremendous job with my credit, they helped me to increase my credit score to 711 points. You can contact them with confidence so that your credit can be restored.
Manuel Castro
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